Resume… With A Twist!

Resume… With A Twist!

Hello! My name is Kylee Egbert and I enjoy hiking, photography, swimming, designing, social media, and advertising. I am skilled in many programs and enjoy a good challenge. Through multiple photography classes I have learned I really enjoy product, landscape and portrait photography. I love getting the right lighting for the perfect shot!I look forward to working with you in the future!




To create my Creative Resume Handout I actually came a crossed a small advertisement that was setup like a small postcard sized magazine. I loved the idea of having a smaller magazine that would be easy to check out in a hurry. I took that idea and decided to make pictures easy to see by keeping it simple with only two photos per section and an intro, contact page and cover and back. I was really excited with how it turned out. I tried putting more photos in the book at one point but it just looked to cluttered and busy so that is when I decided less was more.

This Creative Resume Handout is available to look so that you can see my work! Email me at
to get your hands on it! And so that we can work together, I look forward to working with you soon!


My Photography Style

My Photography Style has really developed!

My personal photography style I would have to say is taking photos of nice crisp product shots and real moments of people. Moments that are candid and real. I like having some natural light but also don’t mind using lighting, it has been fun to learn more about how to use auxiliary lighting this semester. I also have found that I still love taking landscape and architecture photos. I like finding patterns in the design of building and in nature and capturing them. I am really grateful for the chance I have been able to take Comm 316 and learn so much! The following photos are the top 10 photos of the semester for me.












Featured Photos!

From the food photoshoot my work was used!

Just a little update from the Arguela Deli’s photoshoot! So far two of my photos have been used! One is on their websites dinner page. If you go to the dinner page on Arguela Deli’s website you will see my photo at the top of their page! As well as on their Facebook page on a post my photo has been used too! Here is a screen shot and a link to that post!:

Also check out a few more of the photos I was able to capture!:


KyleeEgbert-food-4KyleeEgbert-food-16 KyleeEgbert-food-11KyleeEgbert-food-17




Shooting For A Client

Shooting for a client takes some planning!

When shooting for or with a client there is defiantly some planning that goes into what you are going to do and what it will take to set up a time to shoot. For my client shoot I did Idea #2: Restaurant. I was in contact with the person doing work on Arguela Deli’s website. We first found a time a week before the shoot to meet up and see if food photography was something they would be interested in. After that we discussed a time that would be ideal to come in with lights and a camera to shoot some dinner plates that they serve. It was so exciting to get to do this!

A week later I arrived and set up an LED light as well as used an external flash to get the right lighting on the food. It was fun to see what angles the food looked best at and how to make sure the plate looked just right in the shot. The plan we had set up to do this went as planned and all was well! The following are a few of the shots I captured at Arguela Deli!:

KyleeEgbert-food-11 KyleeEgbert-food-12




Check out my next blog post to see where these photos ended up!


How to Get those Perfect Portraits with Environmental Photos

How to Get those Perfect Portraits with Environmental Photos

To get perfect outdoor shots you will need to have aux lighting and plenty of space. It will be important to have all the needed equipment as well. These photos were so fun to shoot. It is important to tell your models how to pose and the what to do. Some models will need some guidance and others will know what to do. The following photos were taken out by the Tetons and Jackson Hole Wyoming. Enjoy:




Photoshoot Set Up Part 2

Photoshoot Set Up Part 2!

The following photos are the set up of some of the photos we took at the lodge. When we set them up we were in the barn and we used smoke machines, aux lighting, and smoke bombs. The smoke bombs were cool just kind of hard to figure out how to work with them but once we did it was awesome! Here are the set up photos:

How To Get Those Perfect Environmental Portraits!

How To Get Those Perfect Environmental Portraits!

While on a photography trip with my class about a month or so ago I was able to take photos at the lodge we stayed at. We were able to also take photos of models while there. We were able to take different photos with aux lighting. In some cases we used smoke bombes and the lighting added a little bit of a smokey darker feel but ended up looking super cool. There were also some smoke machines to get the look as well. Hope you enjoy:







On Location Set Up

On Location Set Up, pretty neat!

It maybe surprising to many what it takes to set up a photoshoot. The cameras, the lenses, the lighting, the models, the weather, everything is thought out in great detail. And with aux lighting you have to have so much room for the equipment or you can’t get the right shot. The following shots are just three examples of how these shoots look. They also show how much room you need for a shot!: Checkout my friend Cassies website for some amazing shots!




Architecture…Beautiful, Beautiful Architecture

Architecture…Beautiful, Beautiful Architecture!

When looking at buildings who knew they could be so fun to take photos of? I learned that it can be difficult but fun too! I like looking for repeating lines now on buildings and patterns I would have never seen in the past. Check out what I saw when doing this! I have included both inside and outside photos of The Lift Restaurant:





Enjoy Dessert, You Deserve It!

Enjoy Dessert, You Deserve It!

For this photo I thought it would be fun to get a shot were most of the photo is pretty mute except for the food being eaten. I was pleasantly surprised with how this one turned out. Enjoy this photo while you enjoy some dessert! Thank you to my friend Pattie for modeling for me! Please enjoy:



Please feel free to contact me for any work you would like done!

Kylee Lyn

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Hi! My name is Kylee! I love to create, design, shoot photos and nerd out about social media and advertising! I am a student studying Visual Media and Advertising in Communications and am dreaming up new ideas daily! Please enjoy some of my latest work!

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